17 Apr

I received a letter from our beloved PM, none other than Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak!

Pesanan 01

I was so touched, I mean, he, even at the busiest moment being a PM, still had the moment to sit down and right a letter, to me! Was so touched! Still am. (Sniff, sniff). Tissue please!

For those who don’t received the letter, and to cure your envies, these are the rest of the letter.

Pesanan 02

Pesanan 03

Pesanan 04

Isn’t he such a handsome fella? Rosmah sure is the lucky one.

What makes me always wondered is, (until now if you can see clearly, there is a huge, gigantic imaginary question mark floating over my head), why, WHY did I received this letter, when, WHEN I never received the BR1M?

I applied for both BR1Ms through Hasil. The first time I got rejected, because I add my mum’s name as my tanggungan. Then I reluctantly pulled out her name, and did a rayuan. (What is rayuan in English anyway?). But I never received any reply from them. So I just considered that I was not a very good in luck then.

For the second BR1M, only after my sisters nagged me then I fill out the form. Again, no reply whatsoever whether my application was approved or not. Okay, so I was not in the luck, again.

But when I received aforementioned letter, from what my understanding is, is that my name is on the list of the BR1M receiver, right? How come if my name is on the list, but I never received any BR1M? How come I received this letter if my name was not on the list?

I really don’t mind if it is true that I will never received those BR1M. I’m not really in need of extra money though, but if it is indeed my name was on the list, but I never received my money, where was the money went?

So many questions to ask, yet so little answer I received.

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