Happy Voting Guys!

03 May

Yesterday, one of my regular asked me, am I going home to my hometown for this upcoming PRU? — Normally when people asked me that question or this question, “Are you voting this year?” I will just said, “No, I am not. I am still a minor. A minor is not eligible to vote, right?” But since that regular is the person I highly respected, so sadly I told him only the truth, which is no, I am not going anywhere since this is my hometown and no because my name is not registered as a voter, yet. Pity huh?

Yes, indeed pity. I did registered to vote, twice actually. But later many times I check, still my name not in the list. Recently when I check my name online this was the answer.


I am so sad. It seems that I have to wait another 5 years to be able to vote, alas that I am still alive. Hopefully.

So for those who are eligible to vote, choose smartly guys. Happy voting!

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