Today is his birthday.

10 May

Every thing was well between us. We were really happy with each other. Even though you never said about certain things, but I could tell what was your thought about that certain things, and I cherished your opinion on that certain things.

I really don’t know what went wrong. Or how that what went wrong, or at least when they started to went wrong. The next thing I know, we stopped talking to each other. We stopped texts each other, we stopped calling each other. We stopped.. COMMUNICATE to each other.


Each year I never forget to wish you on your birthday, even I never received any reply in return, whether you’re still alive, married, got kid or had promoted to a higher level, I never knew.

I will never stop wishing you a happy birthday, dear, because you’re the most dearest man ever stay in my heart. I will never forget you as long as I am breathing, for you are the first Adam, whom ever stole my heart away, but never bother to return it back to me. I will never stop wishing that one day we could rekindled what ever was left between us.

I will never stop wishing for those wishes.


Happy birthday to my dearest.

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