People never really learn.

13 May

A few times I had been in that shoe. A shoe where others said to me that, “Did you see that? That was because you didn’t learned your lesson.”

I considered myself as a person whom learned something from mistakes. For an easiest example is speeding. After I had being forced to pay a total of RM450 just for speeding, I learned not to speed on certain kilometers. Each time other drivers overtake me, I just said to myself, “Be patient. Don’t speed! Let the others speed. They either have so much money to give away to the authority, or they just don’t know that certain areas are installed with a speed-trap camera.”

That was a story about me. While this is a story about another person or a blogger. If you, the said blogger, happens to read this post, and you felt other than happy or relief, and you wish to encounter me not by face-to-face, then you may do so. It is just a mere opinion of my own about people’s behavior.

Which behavior?

Whine or whining. Noun. A feeble or petulant complaint.

There is a blog that I frequently visiting. An English-language-writing blog. He did said ,“It seems that grammar is what I suppose not read first when I learn a language. With past, present, future, continuous and all, make it complicated for me to get a hand on it.”

I said to him once before that, “In order to let people know your ideas, you have to fixed your grammar first, so that the points that you’re trying to convey will not misleading.”

But I guess that he never learn his mistakes, for he always repeatedly writing the same thing over again. So when he writes that his 14 years old student could not differentiate between singular and plural, well you my dearest blogger, did you not see the importance of talk the talk and walk the walk?

I just said to him once, in hope that he will take an action in order to fixed his mistakes, but never I see any changes. He keeps repeating and ranting his same old mistakes again. I am not a person who loves to repeat my points, as I don’t like people repeating the same thing over again to me, so once is enough. If you still wants to stick with the same old you, then it is up to you.

I am done.


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2 responses to “People never really learn.

  1. Teena Tna

    18/05/2013 at 10:09 am

    I like your writing, and I can learn something from them.

    • t.a.t.a

      20/05/2013 at 12:50 am

      Thanks and I am glad that my writing may benefited to the others.


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