This is how the story went.

21 May

Quite a long story I ever wrote in a post.

Yesterday I got off of work earlier than usual. I dropped by at my eldest sister’s house to pick up my niece, and went home.

As I parked my car, I saw my third sister and my brother-in-law were busy mopping the floor. What the heck were you guys doing mopping the floor at the time like this? It turned out that the floor was covered with a black dirt  In fact most of the house was covered by a black dirt.

Where did it came from?

From the orchard next door! The worker has burned the old tires and rubbers, and the wind blows in and spreading the dirt all over the place, mostly to my house. So we took time to clean up the house first.

We were planning to meet up with my fourth sister at Setia Alam, and leave together to the KLIA. We waited for my second sister to arrived and after a quick dinner and Maghrib we leaved the house. We stopped by at the Petronas for a re-fuel. As we were leaving the station, I realized something was wrong with the car. It felt like when you are driving in a bumpy roads. I thought it was the road, because just after I had that feeling, the car went back to normal.

Okay, so it was the road.

The driving went smoothly. My brother-in-law decided to take a short cut. Again, I felt the same feeling I had back at the station. Oh maybe it was the road, since my brother-in-law had to drive slowly as we were passing by a night market.

Okay, again, it was the road.

A few kilometers later, it came back. This time my brother-in-law has noticed it first. So we stopped by at another Petronas, and called my fourth sister, informed her about our condition.

We decided not to proceed because:

1) The car could not go more than 50 kmph. The journey to the KLIA could take about 2 hours. When are we going to reach there with that speed?

2) What if something happen on the way there? For example if the car totally went out? We have to dig deeper into our pocket just to tow the car to the workshop, and not to mention that we have to find another alternative to go home.

3) My fourth sister don’t know the exact route to KLIA. So even if she could come back and fetch us, the car won’t fit the whole of us. Her car is smaller than my brother-in-law’s.

So we called our mother, whom at the time was with my brother and his family – we went by in the different cars, at the different times and from the different places – informed her about our condition.

So we made a u-turn. Later my brother called and asked us to stopped by at the nearest pump station (which was Petronas, again!) Luckily they were just behind us.

My brother asked us who wished to proceed and join him.

My brother-in-law said no. WHY? He of course had to take care of the car.

My third sister said no. WHY? His husband could not go, and she just did not have the feeling to left his husband behind.

My 4 years old nephew said no. (Actually his mum said no for him. Come on, he is only 4. A 4 years old’s answer do not count. Mwa ha ha ha.)

My 19 years old niece said no. WHY? No reason. She just smiled. (Later I found out that if I had said yes, she will definitely said yes too. Ha ha ha.)

I said no. WHY? No reason. I too just smiled. (The real reason was, to be in the same car with the very same person you had a BIG FIGHT the day before, in front of your whole family, definitely, totally, absolutely not a good idea.)

My second sister said yes. WHY?

It was a YES, not a NO!

Oh okay, since it was a YES, then no WHY is needed.

And so we just said our goodbyes to mum at the-under-constructions Petronas! What a very sentimental place to say goodbyes.

So they proceeded to KLIA, and we proceeded to home.

On the way home, we stopped by at the regular burger stall, and together we pampered ourselves with a double special burgers and drinks. Heaven!

So, that was how the night went.

p.s: Oh, on the day we had a fight, my brother did say something that he never want to has anything to do with us anymore, and that including the brother-sister relationship. So is that means that he no longer our brother? That also means he now on is our ex-brother? Kind of weird that word, but kind of nice too. BWA HA HA HA.

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