100th post – Changing mode.

30 May

I was reading one night when suddenly my 14 years old nephew asked me, “Since when did you read Malay novels?”

I said, “Since I am now in a romance mode.”

I, in a romance mode?

Yes, totally in it. If I want to really experience a romantic and be all mushy, I read Malay novel. Why?

Maybe because it really more suits with my soul.

I am done reading Terucap Syahadah by Lidya Nazura in just one night.


Published on 2011 by Alaf 21. I do not want to talk about the book. I mean the story was an okay story. I really enjoyed all the characters in it, but I was sad with the editing job.

Each time I found an error – in writing or in grammar – I was wondering, didn’t they have an editor to edit this manuscript? An obvious errors such as spellings, and a grammatical errors for English sentences such as past tense and present tense.

If they really want to distinguish – by italic ing – the English words and the sentences, they have to italic ing all of them.  Not some of them. For example, most of the words You and I, were not italic. Last time I checked, You and I are English words, and still are.

Then I turn to the front pages and saw the list of editor’s names. Oh so they do have an editors.

The question is now, did they really done their job in editing the manuscript, or the manuscript was directly went to printing once they received it? Kind of sad seeing such a  good work was scratched by an avoidable careless mistakes.

p.s. Can I do a part-time job as an editor?

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