Men are idiot!

06 Jun

– Saturday night received a missed call from an unknown number. Text back because I thought that was a customer’s number, since this particular number of mine is used for business purposes.

– On Sunday received a reply from that number. Turn out that this was a wrong number case. He had my number in his contact, but without a name. So last night he had a hunch to called me. Then we started to get to know each other.

– On Monday, still on the regular basis messages. Morning-how are you-what you’re doing kind of messages.

– On Tuesday morning he started changing direction. I just ignored him, because I thought he was accidentally sending me that message. But after a few still-the-same-kind-of-an-inappropriate messages, I don’t think that they were accident. He did it on purpose! I told him to stop.

– On the night, he keep repeating the same. It really put me under pressure.

– On Wednesday, I started to ignore him. No messages, no calls. I entered his number to a reject number list.



Even a number went into a reject list, did you know that we can still see the number as a missed calls number? And the messages will go straight to the spam box, which still be readable? Meaning that I cannot erase that number! I sent that number to the reject list with the hope that it will disappear permanently from my view, because by only seeing that number, could cause me a massive pressure!

I told my boss about this and asked him to stop my number and get me a new one. He then told me to contact our service provider for further solution. I did. I asked them to blocked that number, but sadly they said that they don’t have that kind of service.

This is the second time I am having the same problem. The first one ended up by I just ignoring him. Alhamdulillah for that, and I hope it will work on this second too. They have some similarities that at first I thought they were the same person, such as both were – see, I used past tenses, indicating that they already died, not literally died, but I really wish they are! – the result of a wrong number cases, a Kelantaneses, a 10 years different of age and the main important part is that they were a SEX MANIAC!!!!



How could I fall for the second guy?

My mum just got back from umrah. I did asked my mum to pray for me and my mum did tell me that she will pray for my soul mate. So I thought that this second SEX MANIAC will be the guy! Furthermore, once we found out that we were having a wrong number, he really, really ‘berhajat’ to further the relationship – the unexpected relationship, as he called it – to the next level. That was how I fall for that! How stupid I was!

Now I have an extreme irrational fear – aka PHOBIA! – of Kelantan. Anything that has to do with Kelantan will bring bad memory to me.




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