Yesterday evening and this morning.

11 Jun


While getting ready to go home yesterday evening, I received a call from a different number, but still from the same person. The second sex-maniac guy. For almost a week ignoring his calls and messages, he managed went through my line. Once I heard his name, I disconnected the line and immediately transferred the number to a reject list number.

Still shocked by the phone call, I went to a groceries, but forgot what stuff did I need to buy. Ended up with only two items instead of the full list. While at the groceries, my ex-dear called me. How I really glad he called. He really took my mind off of that previous call. How I really glad that he remind me still there is a good guy out there. Thanks dear! Really appreciate your 40 seconds call.



While I was driving to work, I received a text from my boss. (All these conversation are after the translation, so you could imagine the misunderstanding.)

“Is the internet connection in the office okay?”

I took a brief look at the dashboard clock, 8:05 am. I was not expected at the office by 8.30 am.

“I don’t know.”

Another text:

“Was it okay last night?”

A big question mark started to form above my head.

Was I staying at the office last night? NO.

Was I staying late at the office last night? NO.

The question mark is getting bigger and heavier.

“I don’t know.”

Another text:

“I was telling you..”

Another question mark formed.

I re-read the last text. He was saying,

“It wasn’t okay last night.”

Oh now I got it. Now all the marks are gone. Poof!

I am sorry boss. I was driving, and texting! It is something that I rarely do.


p.s: While I was writing this, my ex-dear was walking to my office. We had a chat about nothing. He then asked me to check his summon. I did. As usual none for him. But there is one for me! Another RM150 to fly away tomorrow. I really took care of my speeding after previous summons, but I guess it just slipped once a while huh? Hmm..

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