She should not..

24 Jun

.. have said that!

I was listening to the news -actually I was more to listened to the songs instead of the news. But since I was so lazy to changed the channel, I just stick to it, with the thought of  “Oh well, why not just listened to this once in a while, huh?”- when I heard the lady said this, “All schools in KL and Selangor will be closed tomorrow due to haze.”

Without listening to the details, I straight away calling my 14 years old nephew’s acting warden. The conversation (after translated) went on something like this:

Me: “Salam ma’am. Is it school tomorrow?”

Her: “Yes, school as usual. Why?”

Me: “I heard on the news that all the schools in KL and Selangor will be closed tomorrow, due to haze.”

Her: “No, that will be only schools in Johore because their haze is quite dangerous.”

Me: “But I just heard it on the news. All schools in KL and Selangor.”

Her: “No. No off, just school as usual.”


This morning, my sister text me said that indeed all schools are closed today. I replied saying that wait until I reached at the office to see whether my nephew’s school is on or off. I want to laugh at that acting warden’s face.

Later I found out my nephew’s school is off! Ha ha ha.

Okay back to the tittle, the acting warden should not have said that. Instead why didn’t she just said, “Oh I am not really sure about that. We -the school and teachers- do not received any updates yet about this. Why not we just wait until later to confirm this?”

That would be much nicer and much better for me to received the updates. Not the previous oh-you-the-guardians-slash-the-parents-are-always-wanted-a-holiday-for-your-kids-and-you-always-have-something-to-comment-or-to-complain-to-us kind of answer she gave me.

If you were only gave me that kind of answer, I will respect you much more and you will not have this laugh at your face. Not literally though, but still a laugh!


I am laughing at you now!


Until forever I will remember this laughing.



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