I found this!

04 Jul

I was cleaning up my old ‘houses’ a.k.a blogs. Bila dok kemas-kemas, sapu habuk, buang sawang, lap sana, lap sini, tiba-tiba saya terjumpa ini!

I had a dream of him, again! I don’t know how to interpret dreams and I never want to find out. Me and him, we are like enggang and pipit :mrgreen: . He doesn’t even know me and we never met face to face. And if we do I’m sure he will run away lintang pukang macam tak cukup tanah  :lol:.

I don’t know what The Above wants to convey to me, but I hope it won’t do any harms to anyone especially me. At my age right now I’m supposed to be thinking of a family, husband and kids, but well..

A draft post back at 22.03.2009! More than 4 years ago! Oh my, my. Such a long time.

It took awhile for my entorhinal cortex cells to connecting to each other and bring back the memory of what this post was all about.

Well, this was about a guy that had nothing to do in my life. Nothing whatsoever. I’ve known him for such a long time now -virtually- never met face to face though.

He’s married now. A beautiful wife. Expecting a firstborn. Life is good.


So, okay. That’s are all.

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