My prayer goes to her.

08 Jul

Friday, July 5 2013.

5.30 am – I woke up. My sister already in the kitchen, as usual, making dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I went straight to sidai all the clothes.

6.20 am – My brother-in-law woke up. Warming up my sister’s motorcycle and placing her lunch bag at the basket. Then she off to work.

6.25 am – My brother-in-law’s phone rang. From what I heard, I knew something was wrong. My sister got hit by a car! He grabbed the keys and went out. Without further question, I just asked him to call later.

6.35 am – I called my sister’s both numbers. Neither were answered. An unknown male guy returned call. Told me that she was in accident, and asked me to come over.

If my sister could not reach for her phones, then she must be in a very bad condition.

6.45 am – I knocked on my mum’s door for Subuh. I told my mum about what happen to my sister in monotone, so that mum will digest the news calmly.

Still no calls from my brother-in-law.

7.05 am – I called him for an update. My sister already in a clinic, waiting for an ambulance to go to the hospital.

How was she? She was fine, just a scratches and a pain in the hip.

Any broken bones? Could not be sure yet. Need to go to the hospital for an x-ray.

7.45 am – Reached the clinic. They were about to load my sister into the ambulance. My brother-in-law and I were following them in a separate cars.

So many times that I’ve come across a wailing ambulances, almost every single day. But this time it was my sister in that particular ambulance, and so the prayer goes to her.

8.50 am – Arrived at the hospital. Went straight to the emergency. My sister was in the x-ray room. My brother-in-law was talking to the policeman about the accident.

9.05 am – Texting my eldest and my fourth sisters, informing them about the condition.

9.30 am – My sister was out and the doctor told her to go home, since no broken bones. Alhamdulillah. But still couldn’t bear to see her condition, with the scratches and bruises all over the arms and unable to walk.

Went to the pharmacy to grab the prescription.

My sister and her husband went home.

I went to the office and continue my day. As usual.


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