A Garden by A Drain.

I always wanted to grow something. Anything. Fruits, vegetables, flowers or even trees. At first attempt a few years ago, without any knowledge whatsoever, I dug a hole, sprinkled the seed into the hole, covered it up and leave it there. As a result, nothing happened. Or at least one of the seed did show up, but it stopped there, got withered and died. I gave up and stop planting anything.

Each time I open my kitchen windows, I see an empty land with a grass 2 feet taller. Every 2 or 3 months, my brother-in-law had to either mow it, or poison it (it sounds funny, but I don’t know the exact words in English for meracun) and it will grow back again. So it means that the land is a fertile land. Very fertile.

End of November 2012, my sister’s workplace was moving the operations out to another country, and since she could not committed to it, she quit her job. As a helping hand, I decided it was the right moment to start gardening. No matter what reason or obstacle, I must start it on the spot. So I did. But this time with a proper preparation and a proper knowledge.

I started it with a basic vegetables that my family always have for meal such as a green beans, an okra, a potatoes and a kai-lan. The list keep growing and recently I added flowers on it. As for my brother-in-law, he plants the fruits.


So, what’s up with the tittle by a drain anyway? Well, to make a long story short, that garden is situated along the drain that recently built by the owner of the used-to-be-neglected-land next to my house. And I found that tittle was kind of cute, so I proceed with it.

I hope, really hope that this attempt will last longer than the previous one.


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